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  • Cosmetic Contatcs
    Cosmetic contacts Did you know that contact lenses are medical devices that must be approved by the FDA? Contact lenses are to be dispensed by a regulated and qualified practitioner. Nowadays, cosmetic Read more
  • Lazy Eye
    What is Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)? Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a condition present in childhood. A lazy eye occurs when the brain disregards blurry images coming from an underdeveloped Read more
  • Astigmatism
    What is astigmatism? In a normal eye, the cornea is smooth and a near perfect sphere – like a basketball. There is a common focal point to allow the person to Read more
  • Contact Lens
    How long should I wear contacts for? Depends on your lens! Contacts can be classified into two groups: daily wear and extended wear. Daily wear lenses must be removed nightly whereas Read more
  • Happy Family Day!
    Have a happy weekend! Read more
  • OHIP Eye Examination Coverage
    Children aged 0 to 19 Years: An annual, full eye examination. Senior aged 65 and above: An annual, full full eye examination. Adults aged 20 to 64 years: OHIP doesn't cover Eye Read more